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ox\ finally; vomiting soon takes place, and, after a time, the matter

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Chronic bronchitis in the horse may cause what is termed

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doubt caused the paralysis), involving the ventricular part of the left

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destructive action of the proteolytic enzym, for according to Vander-

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A third albino child is born. Upon the occurrence of

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without due precaution, is attended with danger. But that

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increased facilities given to men to enter into the

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C.Umpbell, M. D., Diseases of the Chest and Physical Diag-

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other forms of mental alienation the drug did not cause sitiophobic

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of adynamia that the blood simply obeys the force of gravity. (Edema

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may extend for some distance above the part involved by the cancerous

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Evidences of bacterial growth in these tubes appeared at the end of forty-

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after many months. The chronic, and especially the follicular, variety

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eighteen days, and varied from five to sixty-five days.

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the former gives rise to passive, the latter to active, congestion. Passive

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Tgenia solium, or pork tape-worm. Occasionally the echinoeoccus, or hy-

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should be closed with sutures, and a drainage tube inserted in the radio-carpal

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sequence of natural or diseased processes. It may be partial

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even catarrhal inflammation, of the mucous membrane of the bowel, with diarrhoea.

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templated on pedestals, instead of the double rows on brackets

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home, and his influence and reputation at court and in

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