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association with these, under Bulbar paralyses, will be described the


In accordance with the general programme of the Section,

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spermatogenic epithelium) was observed. Although not seen with pravastatin, two similar drugs in this class ca'

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amination of prophylactics in typhus abdoiuinalis.] Sai-

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declares, " I am not acquainted ivith any means of curing

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Privateering in those days waa not uncommon. Ships were

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books and journals of his branch of study and practice. That

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out local recurrences. In these 52 per cent, then the

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Nature to overcome the defective action. That, says Dr.

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that when finished it will more fully represent the existing state

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The late Dr. Carpenter is cited as stating that post-mortem

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the superficial cortex from the pia which is associated with rarification of the

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Mercredi mfed.. Par., 1890, i, 26.— Kiliani ( O. G. T.)

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attention, excessive loss of blood, and debihty. Re-

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application might assist nature. It is humiliating to the profession

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frequently been observed to separate and re-unite ; and in the Mediterranean as

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A Review of 127 Clinical Cases of .\taxic Paraplegia. By

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one e.';sential respect, fallen short of its own promisfs. Had

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If " science " is capable of such unscience then may

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does not seem to interfere at all with the understand-

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3. The mouths of the haemorrhoidal veins discharging blood are to be removed

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London. This is carrying centralisation i-ather too

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Is it not true that the biologic divinity never sleeps ?

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There are three varieties of hernia of the bladder, distinguished

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simple and safe proceeding with those who thoroughly

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Miezerjewski, or obstruction of the veins of Galen, by the pressure of

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becomes weak and attenuated, the heart may perhaps (I am not

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to a part of a nerve. In the one, the lesion attacks one of the branches

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culation, on muscular contractility, or on the vitality of the cerebral nervous cen-

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day (39,000). In obstruction, except high in the jejunum or duo-

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variations in the excitability of the respiratory center occur, as Hassel-

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as devised and used by Finsen at his institute in Copenhagen,

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of sufficient knowledge and skUI for the efficient prac-

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ties and car available. Contact Dept. 29 in care of the

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cases where an operation had been performed, and hoped

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become acquainted with the methods of spread of outbreaks of diphtheria bis

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poi)ular remedy, for which there appears to be some justification, is

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