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tant^' officers. Their duties, however, are generally departmental
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upon quinia and small doses of opium at night. This was continued for
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Your committee again call the attention of the Council and that of the profession to the
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peripheral nerves will not bear examination, as the distribution of the
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"Lidbeault, Bernheim, Wetterstrand, van Eeden, de Jong, I myself, and
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hatep mib pmebeman 40 pa ealle ppa peah pceolon 41 beon
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the other states of insanity in the fact that it is marked by congenital deficit n< v
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more time than is at our disposal; hence I will touch only upon one
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times curative, the water running out for many days to an extent to exceed all
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the dose of 5 to 10 milligrammes {.o-j^ to .15 grain),
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fundamental unity of life-reactions in the plant and animal than the
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organs, when this support is cut off by spinal congestion at
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is contraindicated by some organic lesion, whereby its use-
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small. When large it has been called diffused^ when small
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to the course of the pus : In the majority of instances it
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effectiveness of single oral doses of penicillin. Proc. Soc.
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to the impulsive decision of the chance majority of ■
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entiated by the addition of water until a greenish, metallic-looking
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nn increased resistance could be made out distinctly, but the
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as relates to the identification of impetigo herpetiformis with its pus-
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cases in which bleeding occurs from wounds received at the time of
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unded form, about half an inch in diameter, situated in or near the lesser
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between onychomycosis trichophytina and 0. favosa, and in favour of the
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5. Increase of electrical excitability of the muscles of the extremities.
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fusion, and are limited by the A of the blood.^^ After the first few days
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but it persisted pretty steadily all day Friday. The girl slept Friday
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some important facts in their relationship. In the alluvium of
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on its surface. These were incised with the scalpel and
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The diagnosis is based upon the history and the associated evidences
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limbs, to an upper limb, to an upper and lower limb, etc. It is rare for all
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This is a very strong appeal, and we trust it will prove to be a successful one,
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proximal or distal part of the limb, according as the lesion is situated in
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