Dilution Volume Phenytoin

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discovered that in tlie typewritten copy forwarded to Mr.

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ence, I must ask your forbearance if they appear egotistical,

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granting him the pnn'-ion to which he was entitled. On his

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to be anything except active organisms. I caunot see any evidence to

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bright, dry, and sunshiny, and the humidity percentage

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ment, as the passages home and back of tliose invalided must have cost a

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and Portugal, land quarantine is dead, Eind Europe now will

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mind by the bogey of medical autonomy, thus vanishes on

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held at the Town Hall, Northampton, on Thursday, June 8th. at half-past

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Medical Service, University College Hospital ; C. 8purrell, MR C.S.

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cost of an appeal to the Judicial Committee of the Pri'vy

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minster Hospital ; \V. J. Lord, BrlstohC. A. Lower,Guy'5 Bospital;

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thing to be said in favour of the practice which enables con-

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was due to tubal gestation, and yet the most careful search

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intervals. At one time an automatic flushing apparatus was

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Throat, Golden Square, Hours of Attendance.— Daily, 1.30; Tu. and P.,

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a probe was being used to ascertain the depth cf surface

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dilution volume phenytoin

report of the Council showed the total number of members to

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