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pretation of their new Medicnl Law, so long as an Ameri-

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But both in the course of the single attacks of this tertian fever

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covered by M. Roussy is identical with invertine. — TAe

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and high colored, and often tinged with blood. Small doses of tinct.

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(1) Palholoyical Institutes. — First in importance I

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'^ There is at first but little felt by the patient, and the symptoms

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tine have lieen the two drugs that have given me the

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tumors by the blood, and can settle there and crow as

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Together with the paper a series of nearly 100 outline drawings,

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is not uncommon. Fourth, Affections of the joints. These are of occa-

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Analysis. — The odour of this liquid is sufficient to identify it even in the

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project, which compress the cord. The dura mater is closely

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The oil of savin is obtained by the distillation of the tops m the proportion of

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appalling responsibility I ever faced. No advice could be had in

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"The Value of Roentgen Examinations in Oral Surgery."

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glycerine and the wound closed in layers. A slight serous

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Communications intended for this paper, are requested to be left at

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tion of the descending cava, the resulting congestion and oedema of the head

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tion and the drug may need to be contin- is no doubt that it should be thoroughly

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he saw people in his room whom he did not wish to see j he ra-

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long, exposed course. The pressure usually occurs during heavy sleep,

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has normal acuteness of vision go to controvert such a theory.

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has saved four out of five cases in his own hospitals.

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The case is shown in order to elicit opinions as to whether the boy

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His election to that office was the result of a precedent,

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passionate, threatening suicide; 3 wks. V. failing; L. arm paralysed; later a L. -sided

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preference, as a guide. The operation I have just de-

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catheter in the trachea — say 12 hours — no irritation resulted.

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well believe, serous fluid is met with in the ventricles of the brain,

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dually becomes smaller, and eventually disappears. The closed cysts

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partment of the Custom House in this city by a number

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Resolved, That we, the members of the Ohio State Board of

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engorged, sloughed, and disorganized. The anterior tibial was found to have

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