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mends no treatment whatever, for the reason, he says, that

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favourable condition for the production of this form of poisoning.

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these things would be judged by exterior appearance. A type of proof

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have been vaccinated can mingle with small pox patients, a f act so fami*

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peri-oophoritis, and the pain due to peri-oOphoritis or

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It is generally a simple matter to recognise human rabies ; it is a

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July 20. — Pulse 100 ; tongue coated, rough. Has vomited

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versary). — Epidemiological Society, 8 p.m. Dr. Smart, R.N.,

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right side of the figure the fringe-like extremity is closely applied to the ovary as when an

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varies considerably with the temperature and movements of the air.

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over the puncture and secured by strapping. Slips of diachylon plaster were also

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pvniiriiiU, llic I'oliiiiins of (toll, ami tlii' ialiMiil ('cilniniis.

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goitre, and his " Clinical Lectures on Diseases of Old

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ments with chinosol in 4 per cent, solution, two only showed growth.

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ferred by a clinician, one of the most careful and exact

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been making the same rapid strides in medical matters

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Suite 208 Medical Plaza Building 620 South Madison Emd, OK 73701

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three hundred and fifty-eight cases of tubercular peritonitis :

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Joint affection. — The did'erence in result is no less, but rather more, marked

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transition from simple increase of normal granular contents to

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Our Semi-Annual Meeting, held at Putnam, Conn., October

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imself provoked or irritated by the course of examination adopted A

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become more and more marked, the dA'spnea does not entirely

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