What Is Promethazine Tab 25mg Used For

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effect is to increase the output of urine rather than to diminish it.
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gready benefited or cured, and he is willing to make sacrifice of time, money,
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iially the lilood-foiiiiin;; oriraiis hecomc excited and an actual increase
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inaudible when standing, save at the terminal transmission point of such
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the sul)sei|iient development of sym])tonis as a much prolonged deeoni-
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'M.iii than (111 l.ilioratdry aninials. hccaiisc anesthesia is ikiI necessary and
what is promethazine tab 25mg used for
to threaten life. Hemorrhage from the kidney may be of this nature. Epis-
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is seen. These tumors are almost always malignant, and should be treated
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An iieeount of some of the in\ esliiriit ions in wliieii the I'ori'U'oint;
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■| .' aiMuviry ..( llLi> II,., I, is of. 11 trr,jm,,uv|.v atlriimt.,1 I,, Hi-. mu\ ..ill., I ,ilur Iji- tmiii.'.
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I iiiaiiitaiiiiiitf an ailcipiatc niitiition of the heart lias I ii stiidieil Ity
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have presented pathological pictures of a condition which he terms lympho-
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the cause is not known, but a nervous control suspected. It is often found
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and their products; once the individual leaves the region, there being no
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diagnosis between this and the preceding form is impossible. The detection
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Salvetti found it "hypertrophied." Bowlby* found it absent. The thymus
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llie seetion has l.eeii at so hi;:li a lev,.| that it has sevi.re.j the vasoeo.i
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in the ditTcreiit reiiions of the liody. it is usually more jiraeiicai "
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lower epithelial layers of the bladder, and consequently may be met with in
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sliapi' ainl \iiliiiiir nf Ilir rrll finnrtli nml iiinliiiii; liy tin- I'xti'iisinii nf
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al'ter rcsuseitalion I'roiii aeiite brain anemia, tlie res|iiiatioiis ulieii the
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at this period. To overcome the difficulty in feeding thus induced, teeth

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