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and fastened with a halter. The operator grasps the
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quently and all accumulations of dirt removed. This
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Dr. Henry Moore said that in the cases in which vaccine
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On the morning of the 9th (twenty-fourth day) sudden
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This extract can be employed in the preparation of, or substituted
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well. Towards the end of :\Iay he developed signs of tuber-
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fumery, &c. Also ; Manufactures White Lead, and Zinc Paints.
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which was followed by marked improvement of the con-
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the limb there is no doubt but that a patient walks
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;uul absence of desciuamation, oriiharyngeal involve-
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^n inch and a half in height, and about a square inch, in cross-sec-
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coction of aloes now and then. But if the patient can be
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pain. Hot blankets should be applied to the abdomen.
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ceutists — thus securing a vbluable Fluid Extract that contains in perfect solution the
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introduced by Mr. Laster, a consideration of which, will be deferred
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the fight against venereal diseases. For the second
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extremity of the womb two tubes, called fallopian tubes,
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those which can be offered him in cities and at colleges, but none
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it was necessary to remove the sealing in accordance with the
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tation; digital depressions in all the hones of the sjtull, including
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Ihiinil) ;\n(i index finger, wliich was cei'tainly not accom-
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During this time, the parts already gangrenous bad been
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parallel cases, treated and untreated by the method,
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diseased joints. Life is made bearable by this plan to these poor
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but if the case was likely to result in total laryn-
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margins ; no pulmonary symptoms. Treatment continued. 15th. —
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soon as the first symptoms appear and burn the body.

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