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whom, as well as his own wife, he had killed in order

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tions into the chemical changes which occur in fruits which

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bazaars ; if good it should be in transparent, colour-

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area 70,S90 ; population 4!J2l ; salary £00 per .annum.

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a purer muriate of soda than the salt of commerce. I shall

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units at the front established gas gangrene has to be treated ab initio in addition

convert po to iv valium

more enduring in the rabbit than in man. These few facts furnish

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Lancashire there were outbreaks from two sources concurrently ; one could

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and is considered incurable, he is to be removed to

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have guessed, this was not the answer. I then decided

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genprally borne with difficulty, the excitement is then violent and less

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Birth — canal, intrapartum rupture, 604 ; normal, after

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a lung anthracosis that results are not easily interpreted. Mace 20

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Of the pathology of the disordered in- 5 cases of diphtheria, the skin has a dirty

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state of vascular tension ; the activity of the sweat glands

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always over the line of sanity, always abnormal, strange,

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congestion, induced by the directpressure of the gravid uterus

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immediate principles of opium, although its action requires to be

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toxins of Eberth's bacillus. The danger to the intes-

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come under his own observation, and in which he had had some difficulty in

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tissue, and agghitinates the two layers of the pericardial sac. The acute may

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condition in mammals, being formed only of the mesoga.ster. The

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a yeiir since, on Ascarides in Children, subsequenrly noticed at

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While the literature is extensively utilized, a number of cases of

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And again he says: " It has been said that penetration may

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time (2 years) was free of all symptoms, and remained so for

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diploma, chooses smaller cities as his hunting grounds. He has

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leptiforiiie Kiiimple uiid Lahmuiig aus traumatischer

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recovery. The lesions in the internal organs, both of human beinga

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these messes with a proper cooking force would require for our

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thoroughly seared with a hot iron, care being taken to leave

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by first intention, and with little or no suppuration.

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Strong, Cyrus J., 60 W. 75th St., New York, New York Co.

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milking. The times given, however, are from the time of inocula

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