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softened so as easily to be scraped off, was the regular process

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in life. It can be best and most surely suppressed at the same

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not truly represented. At present it measures transversely and antero-

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Imperial Moscow University, by G. A. Zacharix, M.D.,

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comminuted fracture of the femur by a penetrating, Mauser bullet mush-

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contain a considerable amount of granular pigment, com-

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It is erroneous to say that the antitoxin statistics are not based

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scribed, from the annular to the discoid and to the amoeboid, we shall

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One is naturally expected as a leader of the profession to talk on some

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metabolism investigations upon one of his cases. The total output of

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be quoted on the subject, the first movement took place in

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1 . It is wide-spread among painters and plumbers, and those

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remove if possible all causes of urinary stasis, as by operation in urethral

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of the evil— our School being entirely devoted to Materialism.

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finger, the former making firm pressure over the bleeding point is usually

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First, have a suspensory sack made to overcome the tiresome

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The defects of vision present many difHculties in their exami-

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and this debility, are not the sole, the necessarv, or the immediate

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ported, including e few reports Of recurrence on re-

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without the X-ray. The X-ray is difficult for me to interpret and I would

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matter of grave responsibility. That their improper and unskilful

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glottis closed, and the extraordinary muscles of expiration brought into play,

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ing from one to eleven days. Dr. Githens, who has reported ninety -eight

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covery of the convertible rotation of a magnetic polo and an

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shock supervened about seven hours later, and a pint more was

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stages, of encephaloid and sarcoma ; in hydronephrosis, as in the cases related ;

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then not only does the intra-uterine pressure never rise sufficiently to check

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to its termination, and repeatedly examined the skin, particularly that

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inch or two above the malleoli. "Large pads of wool

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sores of framboesia patients. In the hospitals, as soon as the

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