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with distinct febrile phenomena, sometimes with pain in the renal region,

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bones on a white background, taking out the flesh and super-

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no affinity with ague. And, on the other hand, it is equally certain that

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process ; on the other hand, tne long-continued arrest of stools, the frequent and

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<+o,ooo. Before treatment, the serum was not leukolytic, and after being treated

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MISSOURI MEDICINE/January 1988 — Vol. 85, No. 1 11

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nucleus, becoming gradually smaller and smaller, always sinks to

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can i take valium if im pregnant

The note was resonant to the fifth rib and behind to

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cases various vasomotor symptoms are added, such as acro-

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about four miles to the south-west of the city, where every

2mg valium first time

upon which, in Chinese characters, are described at

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ness, or would forbid, by legal enactments, the drunkard

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75. — malgal. La chromh6teropie. Eec. d'ophth., I'ar.,

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as reported by different authorities, the main objection to the method

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may roll back and so press against the posterior wall of the pharynx that

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Its course was also there diverted ;' for it passed westerly by the Black Sea

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twenty-four hours, when the dialysate is tested in portions of 5

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mas R. Reardon, M.D., an internist in Portland, Ore. “Not

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( )steo-sarcoma must be differentiated from osteoma, enchon-

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other words, moves the limbs as the mind wills, according to its inherent propensities,

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tension by contiguity. The former is the more common, and

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XoTE. — Authors of papers, etc., will assist in the preparation of these

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might otherwise be proper the indications afforded by our results, with

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excrement from a patient sick with typhoid fever had been thrown while

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ment of the digestive functions, especially for persons of a mild and

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compress to the abdomen. In the case of cold feet, vigorous rubbing,

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tients are usually at first excited, then wildly or quietly

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nosis IS so essential to prevent the spread of the disease,

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And, as has been said by the chairman of this committee, I

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connected with an alteration of the urinary secretion, and is one of

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turition and other causes; sixth, loss of muscular motion caused by

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The whole is then macerated for five hours in a vessel surrounded by ice.

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