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ment is brief and hyperpyrexia less frequent than in the adult. The nervous

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influenzae. This agrees with studies done by Rello et al in

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Borax and Glycerine, (two drams to the ounce) applied with a camel's hair

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ozone observed?" is answered, and Ave really must congratulate

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Prof. Institute of Medicine and Medical Jurisprudence, Jef-

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one, to the sea coast, whenever the tubercle bacilli are found.

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energy quotient than the normal child of the same weight. This is

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own hand over the uterus, across the abdomen, and wait, per-

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demonstrated. It is to be hoped that in some future case such

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The operation was followed by relief from the vomiting. The distension and

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owing to the non-oxidation of the blood, is augmented by difficult

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taken, produce diseased stomachs and livers, consumption, dropsy, mad-

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the dura mater, the morbid anatomy of which we have already passed in

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there the nullity of medicine is exhibited. There die all, if

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of the food when applied to the treatment of this resi ation accep ted by the President, to take

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' Read at the meeting of the Rocky Mountain Interstate .Medi-

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previous attack of diphtheria predisposes to future

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The patient is then allowed the full liberty of his room.

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along the superficial absorbents. The glands in the axilla

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being a symptom which 1 have observed only in those cases where

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followed after about fourteen days &om the primary accession by a second

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phoricum, Sanguinaria canadensis, are those by means of which the

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an ulceration in the intestines, the patient must receive, during his sick-

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mental strain tends to produce tertiary syphilis of the brain.

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spot, the head of the worm, is seen protruding. This is to be

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whether we shall go to Heaven and play upon golden harps and walk

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these four methods for clinical experimentation, to be

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tion, if not too thick underbrush, is advantageous.

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in these cases was discussed, the author considering the most

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the three eases still in the pest-house, all of whom are recov-

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or the pericardium, indubitable traces of a new inflammation,

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produced under the ideal conditions which surround the productions

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uanhne, gtt. ij ; Bismuth, subnitrat. 50 ; Syr. zingiberis, Aq. menth. pep-

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that acids and neutral salts both will, more or less, irritate the mucous surface

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Brucke. — In the autumn of 1849, Brlicke made some attempts to inject the most

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