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JanewaV, Johii H 1^^' *24 j Battery, A Portable Galvanic

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fore did not derive their origin from growth of the fixed

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greatest, that the better he was understood, the more he was

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ing by food mushrooms.] Ibid.. 1889, 4. E., xx, 281 ; 309.—

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ness with which the brain bleeds and the difficulty of

what dose of valium is lethal

granite, containing, according to Dr. Parkes, less than 2 per cent, of or-

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urinary tract should reveal the seat of the focus. Acute tuberculosis points

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more reliable for general interpretation ; this belief

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matter. I ordered him to remain in bed, and prescribed sedative

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It was then rhoved by Dr. Aiuii.L.k Smith, seconded by

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length of time was permitted to elapse after the first injec-

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lining the fauces was of a deep red, and covered with patches

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active elements now being so widely studied by competent observers

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in Ascoli. Raccoglitore mod. di Fauo, 1852, 2. s., vi. 111;

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■was seen to extend as a lobulated, blue-red structure as far as

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186. On •* Holt's Operation " for Stricture. Mr. James Spenee . . .206

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well. Since then has married and is the father of a "bouncing boy," free from

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immense clot was expelled somewhat forcibly. This was rap-

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work, anxiety, mental shock, and physical injuries.

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have a specific action in tuberculosis ; and beside, there

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transmit the stigmas of degeneracy to the second and third

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of the legs which sometimes occur during the treatment. Lastly, the counter-

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the patients can not persuade themselves to submit to the procedure.

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"Diarrhea. ' ' Also use the gruels and burned flour. Blood flour is

anti anxiety medications such as valium and xanax work by

to questions, or he replies incoherently, or he becomes actively delirious,

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influenza, as compared with the deaths from these diseases

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in amount, and is due either to extreme congestion of the mucous mem-

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is one-sided, but mine as you know is not so. The torment

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enced in, and referred to, the viscera; but the effects of the pas-

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other opiate nostrums in the schedule of poisons unsalable but by prescrip-

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The hog is more subject to the disease than any other ani-

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ter ; and the skin, prepuce, glans, corona, fossa navicularis, and orifice of the

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cedit, nihil in urinis mutatur; antiseptica energeti-

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be avoided. Dr. Ewing, of Salt Lake City, also favored an

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the Master and Wardens of the Apothecaries' Society have

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