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therefore, by no means only through the reduction of temperature

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distinguished officer entered the Bengal Medical Service in

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ing were read and adopted, and the statement of accounts was

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they have some connection with malarial infection, but in many cases

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broad result is unshaken and that constituted the gravamen of the

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calcification. Besides this, longitudinal slits may occur in the intima,

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The following case may prove of interest to some of your

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are simultaneously implicated. The case of the aortic valvular incom-

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presence of indican in the urine, as demonstrated by reaction with

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says to thee I smell roast meat, say thou as to it, it is the

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In consequence, it would appear, of what has been stated in

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Church, Dr. W. S. , myx^ idema, 411 ;'St. Bartholo-

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is, therefore, called peurile respiration. This is quickly succeeded by

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otitis media that cases may occur in scarlet fever, which, beginning

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though no other local signs are yet appreciable. Cancer of the fundus

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time. Stronger solutions containing compounds of ONO,

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tion outside the liver, and the second to a dropsical eflfusion into the

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tliat if cultivation experiments are carried out with the con-

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population at large a great number of persons in a stage of

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main the resolutions of the Council as regards the five years'

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the Illustrated Arc/ueoloi/int, a new quarterly periodical edited

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become resolved into a mass of dark, cofl'ee-like fluid.

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room of the Birmingham General Hospital, in which the ob-

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advisable also that the vertical incision should be external to-

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Clarke's columns are the origin of the ascending cerebellar tracts,

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1,000 in the preceding two weeks, further declined to 19.2 during the week

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is always due to some such organic change, whether this be discover-

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although at none of the hospitals to which schools are

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crico-arytenoid and the arytenoid muscle itself. It is common in

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fluid in the peritoneal cavity. In the oesophagus there were

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Johnson, M.B,, London ; Dr. E. L. Jones, London. (K) Mr. D. Kirk,

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ability of continuing to admit members to the life membership was dis-

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usually very firm, and in cancer of the breast forms a hard limip, to

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original cause of Graves' disease, just as enlargement of the spleen

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of Trinidad. — In the wards the following cases were sliown :

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