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responsible for diphtheria as well as for typhoid fever and dysentery.

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or bursts, and a thin, brittle, flimsy crust forms, and speedily

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Another variety of blood fluke has been described by J. Catto,

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Medical Soeiety of the County of Kings. — The sixty-

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or bodies, or in any way traffic in the same, or ihall

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once in every second or third day. and as at Nauheim the

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Dr. W, B. Coley, in the Medical Record, has reported

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to a limited extent around the spaces m which the infarctions are seated.

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of cable car; paralysis of lower limbs and trunk. Laminectomy

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dition, the breathing grew more hurried, the temperature con-

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with the colon, or large intestine, become so torpid

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much flesh. Temperature, 98-2 ; pulse, 48. Tongue slightly coated and

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keratitis. Ton will remember that it is a disease involving the

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an;i that they generally yield in seven to fourteen days.

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na:n!ier of points involved in the discussion of this was successful.

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spleen as cellular, and the hypoglossal as the ninth nerve. As it is

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tion of the pupil — e. g., " Oie pin-hole pupil" of Dr. Graves. This

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in the activity of the abdominal organs and neutralised the hydrochloric

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Electrical reaction. — A marked diminution of reaction to

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insignificant to the case which is before you. Senn

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to think there is still plenty of room for discussion upon the best

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in the hands of ignorant pretenders to spiritual influence. Yet this is not

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when, to bis surprise and disappointment, he was told that Dr.

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to the heart not developing in proportion to the bodily growth.*

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find earl.v as well as late cases ou the periphery.

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proper to remove the placenta at any period of abor-

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at this moment medical societies and medical journals are

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