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and thighs, resulting in rapid improvement in the pulse.

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was protruded a little to the right. There was also loss

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resented at a conference to be held at Nashville, Tenn.,

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under surface is rather irregular. It is divided in each hemi-

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will bear hardships and privations without murmuring.

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of ten years. Nothing Avas found at the necropsy to account for the

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joints, although up to four may be involved. Findings

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21. Joosten E: Metabolic evidence that deficiencies of vitamin B-12

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replace the bandage. Perform passive motion every day for a week.

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non-puerperal infectious disease being present, and no precedent

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cholemia, as Salkowski has demonstrated that the bile contains

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of the axis and the vertical line joining the ensiform cartilage

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dental caries, areas of cutaneous tenderness may be found over the greater

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the respiratory organs by inhalation, which should bring

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the more rapid are in the form of pleurisy and empy-

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a dot by which its calibre is more or less obstructed. This is easily

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Guilelmus (sic) Cowper super Musculo Bicipite, seu potius ejus tendine, haec observat.

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arteries in various tissues, the sldn, the muscles, the brain, and

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those of ordinary echinococcus. They are, jaundice, often intense and rarely

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415; 437.— Olts (B.) Feldshera ili feldsberitsl. [Male or

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quote the following passage from the Courtier des Alpes of

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maining class, about which the chief question is, *' How can they

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St. Louis, 1899, xvi, 44.5-450.— Maher (.T. J. E.) A synop-

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the albuminuria is usually associated with the presence of blood and

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albuminuric retinitis and when the com- patient made an uneventful recovery,

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Dr. J. M. Ray: In reply to Dr. Cartledge's question, I show you

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Leaving for a moment all debate on the value of these essays, it

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liouls Obstetric and Gynecological Society ; vice-president of the Inter-

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fang and destructive claw of old Time himself, and to battle

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child of healthy parents, having a past hi-story of laryngismus

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quent change of the area of flatness from the region of the caecum to that of

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however, continued to increase, and late in the eve-

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noptosis, such as pregnancy and parturition, wasting diseases, and the

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