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diagnosis easy in many instances. But a review of the errors in
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The reason why Hagee's Cordial gives results is that it contains all the active
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great skill, ability, and success, if they saw the patient early in the
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had several of my patients use spectacles. The pince-nez
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lines, just as in the case of word-deafness the words only represent a suc-
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given by my directions to any fever patient in the Belfast hos-
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examination of the state of the capillary circulation."
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lay out the details. Still, we all get the point, and, given a
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active elements now being so widely studied by competent observers
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and the welfare of individuals. The minimum is now fixed at eighteen
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again, and hence perish. By applying the powder freely in
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one or steal anything. We may enact laws against spitting in
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Dr. Smith remarked that the disease of which the child died was, as
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she struck her abdomen violently against a chair, and
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filling the right side of the abdomen. I began toxin
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opening of the larynx. Spasm of the cords and contraction of the
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velocity is not only reduced, but the intensity of the vibra-
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malignant disease was manifest; and Dr Wyllie, who concurred in
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7. Independently of this specially increased liability
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changes which are at present ill understood. The lesions in the various
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was made without difficulty, and I could rub my finger
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clinical experience or practical medical knowledge.
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have intervened between the attack produced by the primary
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cancer-cells, however, that the source of origin of either cannot be made out
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loss of body material (as is the case with the addition of sugar
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solution will float upward until a sufficiently high
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costal articulation is sufficient to avoid any mistake ; but in
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two years, developed aphasia so complete that "yes" and "no" were the only
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growing segment of our population — increasing at a rate
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The weight of the body can be borne upon that leg with comfort, and the twist-

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