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of treatment and giving a fair idea of the results likely to be
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' condition began a year ago. Has felt neuralgic pains at times
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Treatment. — If naso-pharyngeal catarrh is a disease which is often
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trian, the French and of the American universities. When
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1897, 3. s., xlv. (il4-024. . Tie casi di ascesso del seni
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In a case of pneumonia terminating fatally in St Luke's
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nevertheless will continue to strive to attain the highest pin-
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heart, especially in the transverse diameter, with per-
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has become comparatively infrequent. The enforcement of
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notoriety, and it is said that lie hired a clergj^-mau to
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1884-5, ii, 212-229. — ITIacfai'laue (J.) On erysipelas.
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vessels. As the inflammation is more localized, hot linseed poultices, hav-
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the brain is impaired or destroyed, the spinal segments (left
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ation that it shall have been aided by the microscope, we sliall
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pose some obstacle to the movement. Ascites or dropsical effusions in
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with subsequent decay. These pathological and anatomical processes
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sought to cure himself by listening to the splash of
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Chloral-Plaster. — Dr. Solari recommends chloral-
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•evening,) or after getting the feet wet. Its alternate administration with
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Often, in place of the fecal concretion which forms in
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add similar confirmation, in that, following in Golgi's footsteps, I
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the chamber filled with water has the color of the blood-solution to be examined.
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to drink ; therefore it happens not infrequently that cases of genuine
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10 gr. calomel and 20 gr. jalap. The treatment that I have generally
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since and has now attained the size of a large orange. With-
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tion of oil of cloves and cassia, as j'uggested to him by Dr.

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