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it cannot be expected to make an absolute diagnosis.

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and remain in the urethra, requiring, perhaps, another operation for their re-

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and Sellards, 37; Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prophylaxis, 39; Balantidial

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had appeared in her pregnancy until about ten days before, when she

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prostate regulates the size of the incision. The complaint usually lodged

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•eyes while at rest are generally deviated towards the opposite side, especially

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resented by Dr. Hutchins of Atlanta, and Dr. Todd of Atlanta.

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the deceased if the address of such person can be obtained. A tele-

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breast die during the first 'year — even in institutions and

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Society in November, and which was recently published in the Berliner Klin-

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S. & J. H. Walford, of Renfrew, Out., write, dated Feb. 28th,

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constricted. It is quite true (indeed, I myself have ob-

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Clean and dress the birds, loosen the joints, but do not

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in small or moderate doses, the hydrochlorate of ammonia, sulphur, and arsenic.

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.,!„„. ,1,0, ■...]. -tat. ..1 ,lu. pa-.-, r.-,Mr,:t..n. ana,M,r.U. A au.k,

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a week. Most of the instruction in midwifery that he

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(This Symposium is arranged with special reference to

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usually at once recognised from the nature of the movements. In some

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een in much repute as on appro])riate remedy, but, aside fh)m the

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section. The theory of the paper was that in cases of idiots all

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By the degree or manner in which the depression pre-

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Second Stage of the Rupture. — ^Here the treatment all tends to the re-

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A few days later I met him on the street, and asked how the

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Soldiers who emit these fetid exhalations are rejected by the

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thickening of the wall present. Fig. 7 shows muscular hypertrophy

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3. The Toxic Actions of Urotropin ; with Report of a Case of Hema-

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Various events are incidental to the paroxysms, especially when the

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and remarks whicli have placed our knowledge of this

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pole could be freed without the application of a fresh

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and external construction, their tenoper and habits, peculiarity of the flesh

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collodion to the face of a woman suffering from small-

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States thai on the 22a Lost., when in Perth, he was suddenly seized with looseness

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conduct of the eccentric person is such that for his own sake he needs

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