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The relief afforded in such cases by fresh meats and a vegetable diet seems

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of gradual onset, and are usually preceded by symptoms referable to the

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of bacilli. Tuberculosis of the veins also may occur, the bacilli being

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ences affect greatly the development of the hysterical temperament, which

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quently rapid modifications in size result from diminution or increase in

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diagnosis is especially marked in the case of the solitary tubercle, which

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parasite, the amoeba dysenterice. The occurrence of amosbae in dysenteric

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have lived eight years after resection of the cancerous pylorus, four have

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Unless the diarrhoea amounts to more than three passages a day, it

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and some rigidity of the neck. In the second period (stage of oppres-

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The varieties of chronic bronchitis usually recognized are designated

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erately large neuroglia-cells, pressing upon and destroying the nerve-

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the third or fourth day of a peculiar eruption, which may be vesicular,

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or vomiting, and complains of epigastric distress. Jaundice is often

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extremely simple. The edges of the fistulous opening should be well

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in the subphrenic region the descent of the liver on inspiration is checked.

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disease is rather a cause than a result, and that the wall yields first, thus

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is the purring thrill, increasing on slight exertion, and to be felt near the

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Raddiffe on Epilepsy. By Charles B. Ratclipfe, M. D., F. R. C. P. Philadelphia. 1865.

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ritis commences abruptly with a chill, great prostration, and high fever,

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over four months, but four cases of sickness (including accidental

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emotional exaltation or emotional depression, occasional maniacal out-

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TREATMENT. Whenever in chronic rheumatism it is attainable, the

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ceeded in keeping a patient alive for eighteen weeks during which there

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larly rounded, sharply defined, deeply pigmented, often copper-colored,

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pain in the epigastric region, but shooting pains often follow the lumbar

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phates are precipitated in a neutral or alkaline urine, and the ammonio-

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a result which does not seem equal to that which could have been

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notch. In such cases an inequality of the pulses recognizable at the

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ninety per cent, of the cases ; it is usually double. As time goes by, a

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lymph-current, preventing absorption. Cachectic ascites occurs when

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be hosts of a tape- worm, it is possible that an auto-infection may take

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