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changes in the use of sug-gestion since the earliest times

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the occurrence of any ei^demic like smallpox, cholera, &c., the death-rate of

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kocidin), with the sperm (spermo toxin), liver cells (hepatotoxin), kid-

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the "antiseptic" theory. Few diseases, however, have, so far,

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introduced into larger urban communities where the population is

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method known to physicians as ''physical signs.'' The in-

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Three times in my last year of practice I noted what I

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care as fast as possible. It was reported that the Commis-

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agreed on. The author thinks that they are of use for empty-

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rine— Camphor— Corn-ergot and Corn-silk— Ery-

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and thickness of an ordinary scalpel at its middle; the right side of the

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complication of bronchiectasis, but not the reverse, the refer-

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a source of energy for muscular contraction has begun to swing

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of hydrargyrum cum creta daily till he was salivated,

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has now, April 5, gradually diminished in size ; and thus, has

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remarks on examination of the pelvis. For instance, the

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driver. He was fond of excursions on land and water, over

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he was awake all night, due at times to either the smallness

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patients. By resolution of the Board of Trustees, Homoeopathic

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dead subject a false sense of security when operating on

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those outside the position of fellowship, and even those

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ety is based more than the coming information revolu-

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made to complete the cycle in one-half the time. This

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and proving rebellious to treatment. Hypodermic injections of morphia

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globular drops into the lumen of the stomach, constituting part of

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