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married illegitimate sisters. These sisters were the
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he was confused, would not recognize his most intimate
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brary of Medicine and Surgery, War Department, are illus-
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try again with the relaxation of anaesthesia rather
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the growth of all bacteria ; still the chief danger
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some twenty-five per cent, of the patients, however,
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muscular contractility'" and that of sexual fecunda-
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the Sick esteemed past Cure. It opens the Brest and
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sistance of the Heart. — Heitler asserts that not
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tic movements of the intestines ; dilatation of the
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some water is boiled. The preparation is then placed
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Ba)idcliit und Rocpke. — Die Klinik der Tuberkulose.
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tressing after pains, insomnia, headache, nerv'ous-
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that appertained to bacteriolog}' more uninstructed
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tory that for the past week he had a swelling and pain in
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surrounding zone of inflammation. As the flies bite
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a profuse purulent discharge. Forty-eight hours' growth
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Wanted. — Incandescent lamp, at least 500 candle power; also
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restlessness and promoting sleep, but he believes one
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tionship to General Practitioners. He said that not
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the only extramarital coitus for some months and there-
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Past history. Patient was a premature child. Mother
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appear here and there, but quantities sufficient to
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