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are focused behind the percipient layer of the retina, and

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sensation after 2 weeks ; developed cough and had dnlness on left

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month. It is characterized by local asphyxia. The ends of the fingers

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food of the establishment was kept ; and above, too, was the

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the strength of the patient at first rapidly rallied, and that he gained

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to save him, and on the day of his death he was in the following state : — his

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an autopsy on every occasion. If they refuse then I am clear. One

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accurate study of 76 cases (1879-1890), in 67 of which the weight

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The infiltration also extended well down the thighs and up over the abdomen.

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the prominence given to the suhject at the two great sanitary

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peristalsis, and the food is not retained very long.

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tion, in a septic and fermentescible state, to induce the

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solving in sulphuric acid, dilution and titrating. He extracted the indigo

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verification of the diagnosis, the inspector should visit

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Inflammations of the pelvic cellular tissue, like phleg-

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edge of micro-organisms. Besides it has exploded the strumous

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Finally, there may be found in Herodotus the following

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mat. et syph.., 1893, 3. s., iv, 769-771 .-Squire ( B. )

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A malformation in some respects resembling the one here noticed,

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The bill proposes to establish the '' Manhattan State

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of the faculties of the mind ; sometimes active delirium, and, frequently,

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Refractive Index of its Material. — By focal distance is

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were girls. It w.ll again be noticed that in the high school the boys out-

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sons. It is caused by the excess of atmospheric press-

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intestinal tract already sufficientlv irritated. 1 )

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name of a school that makes physicians in the broadest sense

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are supplied by the vestibular nerve and its ganglion in the internal

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water vapor gave on combustion 0.1030 gm. of H2O, 0.2722 gm. of CO2, and 0.0012

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early life he was sent to a boarding-school in New Haven,

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membrane covered tlie ball, and I left it just as it now

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extremities are cyanotic (the finger-tips in particular), the orbits toe deeply

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the management of this Journal, if he thinks that the appear-

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275 healthy soldiers, and in seventeen per cent, of 50

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suspected criminal attempts, the surgeon cells, and are devitalized with small doses

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top., Milano, 1«99, xvi, 14.5-155.— «ayi-aud (fi.) Rupture

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Case 2.— Child of Mr. E. W. W., of Carnesville, Georgia, was born

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