Phenergan Controversy

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of them are able to make their own clothes. A cooking
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tracheotomy was out of the question, and it was doubtful whether
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receipt of under the double system. In some instances, as in
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in the kidney; there was nothing in the bowel that pointed with any
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venesection, active purging, and the antimonial and saline diaphoretics.
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694 Medical Tbne, and Gaxette. HOLMES'S LECTURES AT THE COLLEGE OF SUEGEONS. June 15,1872.
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ing the uterus except for strictest indications. To sum
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Examination of the College must produce evidence of
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buted the recession of the bacterial invasions, consequently the
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ise any existing wound in vagina or parts with iodine or car-
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situated in lat. S. 37° 50', has a mean temperature of 57°*6.
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deep and lastihg responsibility." But in the JuTdgment of youi*
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the cord in increasing muscular strength, we may refer to a paper on the curative
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ence and standing. Incidtntally the proposed change would
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barley and foreign straw, are also common causes of impaction ;
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unfavorable cases a little less than that of the classi-
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With chronic use, upper gastrointestinal bleeding, ul-
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brought to the delivery room; pains strong and occur-
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A small number of cases arise by direct extension from a tuber-
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The Treatment of Whooping Cough with Quinine. Baron 1 Ber-
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soon after its appearance, and was followed by alarming sym-
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On ascertaining that he had been subject to a torpid habit of bowels,
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ence of those who, acting upon the suggestive results
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that instrument as well in eye cases as in other affections more
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ilium and then with Poupart's ligament to the site of the
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is inaugurated has an important bearing on the result. In some diseases,
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severity of the disease, or from previous neglect or mismanage-
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their respective termini or the mouth of an absorbing vessel, where
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Manikin, cost $35.00. For information apply to the PRACTITIONER,
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parent contradictions are explained. It was on this
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official investigation into the nature and history of a yellow fever epidemic,
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ing the current year at the art galleries. A glance
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erally performed in France as venesection in Italy, when
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long time, but it has been almost completely ignored. If
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There are thus a number of interesting questions con

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