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In lieu of the essay Dr. William Bailey gave an account of the

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appears in epidemic form in times of war, famine and pesti-

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During the attack every slightest movement in speaking

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sive resources of the surgeon, in the treatment of complicated

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ers and known as a thing excellent by long Practice in our

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one word of this verdict, and say that the " dernieres

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months to three years. In the sixth case only 4i months have

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attention should be paid to the general health and special treatment

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common our information upon this point was theoretical.

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as 1850 Civiale called attention to these reflex phenomena,

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influenza bacilli were present. During the past two

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I have not been able to find any precisely, according to those results

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further temperature rise. If the case be prolonged, however, the

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tatively stated. 9. That there should be the fullest, freest

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congenital, or at least noticed from the time >ihe position of the testicles requires corre-

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and in 52 of these, that is, 14 per cent., there were signs which pointed to

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escape. It is quite in keeping with the fact that the disease is

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Bound with: HOpital general de la charity et aumone

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Guerre. Prix, 4 francs. Paris: Masson et Cie. 1917.

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(with some additions) from the notes taken by Mr. Eossigilol the

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Whitehead RP: Guide to Therapeutic Oncology (B) . 311

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and nerves as if they were not neutralized so early.

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of it to the surface, and if it can not find it, the risk of operation must be

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1864 Ferguson, Frederick Stuart, M.D. Edin., Bolton.

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increase it. Prout** and Schultzen** found oxaluria

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she was greatly besought to display her talent to the outside world. But be-

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with success after a cow was down and, as I supposed, beyond

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sential, in the first instance, to have the absorbents of each arm

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tions of mucous surfaces in cases of chronic ophthalmia and leucorrhoea.

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and excreted in the urine so alkaline diuresis may be beneficial.

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make itself heard from all iiuarters against the premature

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sarily far less than the number really occurring, for

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Both procedures may be accomplished in a few minutes by

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