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and later shown to be suffering from pernicious malaria. In Ewing's

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The patient, however, failed to improve clinically, and succumbed in three days

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could be demonstrated atheromatous degeneration of the branch of

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In the course of a few days the patient niay practice with some of the

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cortex cerebri, no mention being made of alterations of fiber tracts or

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It is commonly held that the dilatation of veins impedes the

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bidity statistics, derived in like manner from comparisons of the num-

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me his figures, which bear out my own conclusion. It will be remem-

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Hospital, Physician Paddington Green Children's Hospital.

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fibrous tissue we find them all healthy save those which correspond

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fremissement cataire in the second and third intercostal space near the

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Case 3 (P. B. B. H., Med. No. 4292). — A woman, aged 28 years, was given

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selves — the vis medicatrix naturce, being an aspect of inertia.

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