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during the tenesmus, like that of a woman in labor. Pulse natural, ex«

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The Adew that diapedesis is an active process gains further siipport

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and abhor it. The education of the youth of the upper a,nd middle

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till they have been passed de novo through the living tissue of some

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during the changes of so long a voyage ; and, also, Dr. Bradley's urgent ,

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several weeks on a bedridden patient ; a water-bed and a bed-pan are

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frequent vomiting of watery material ; the suppression of urine ; the mus-

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meningeal lymph, not in the blood nor in the spleen. Attempts at cul-

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ciate the ideas of authors. Although conscious that it is easier to find

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during the stage of convalescence ; they may be classified as follows : —

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Materia Medica, and Theory and Practice, are $12.50 each ; and for Obstetrics, f6— amounting to

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med. Wissenschaften, 1866, p. 642. — 36. Ziemssen and Immermann. Die Kaltivasser

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(3) The last vestige of doubt miist be removed by the triumphant

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relax the spasm, and may be of important service by strengthening the

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severe spasms of the face, neck, and back, inducing a certain amount of

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delirium is often succeeded by coma. The two conditions may alternate,

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ciously employed as to bate no longer any efficacy, becomes the chief

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It is a re}narkable fact that, so far as I am aware, no reference to re-

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weekA, the Hospital and Dissecting room will be kept open, and some Lectorei^ will be given, wttli-

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ture rises gradually to a febrile height (105° P. to 106° P.), and then as

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friends in Cincinnati, that the professors vary considerably in their lecture-

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wottld probably be serious> and similar to those produced by arsenic in-

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hings, as to have deceived the physician, who, by adopting a treatment

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or debris of the destroyed tissue. This is the second stage — that of

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as the streptococcus, the staphylococcus pyogenes, the bacterium coli,

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Mayer, and others, and the undulatory movements lately noticed by the

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this is so, or when there is irritability of the bowel, or relaxation of the

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