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apparent health unmasks the fact of disease. If now the patient has

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acquires a deep purple color, from admixture of the red and blue pigments,

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the lower orders, wlio have spent a long life in more or less strenu-

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"contributions" from various members of the College,

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in cases of arthritis to see, simultaneously with the Joint afi"ectiou,

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it musl run the gauntlet of one disease after another; BO that in a

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exercise should be practised by the growing child as soon as he can

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successor in the presidential office was Dr. WVight

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an unsatisfactory manner, and the amount of protection it affords i-

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ity of the digestive fluids, and by improvement in the functions of

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the germ is most likely to die of starvation, unless new material has

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life, paroxysmal haemoglobinuria is little susceptible to treatment, save by

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MiTCHiLL. — Picture of New York, or the Traveller's Guide

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infant should have rich, pure milk, one part ; mixed with pure water,

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be, m many instances, most intimately associated; but in many other

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quite well done without the pericardium ; and so long as this work

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never seen any results worth mentioning from the use of this drug,

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Nucleohiston has been found in the urine of patients suffering from pneu-

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in the same way — their i)oisons are reproduced in the blood, and con-

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lant action on the skin of the excess of lactic acid formed during the

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this improvement is sometimes so well marked as to be noticed on

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that medicine is now and lias forever been at a standstill, that so

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the rheumatic process; and this increased formation is kept up

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cause, as is usually the case, the cause is unknown, the question

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preferable to tapestry or brussels. Draperies and portieres are

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cord with mild carbolic acid solution to prevent odor before the sepa-

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Septicaemia is the term applied to the milder forms of blood poi-

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the diagnosis of the place of origin of the admixed blood, and of the cause

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treatment of diphtheria. This mixture is to be gargled every hour

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given amounts of daily excretion of urine. It must be remembered,

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the blood corxmscles, but never from an estimation of the hsemoglobin

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a sufficient guarantee that the diet is carried out as prescribed.

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the possibility exists that even under a mixed diet containing enough

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superstitious, and the easy victims of prejudice or incompetency. A

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lished at first under the authority of Rutgers College,

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