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tigo exists. Bitter tonics and hydrochloric acid, prescribed.
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the margin, and should be followed with the application of
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oophorectomy had been performed, while the remainder
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vided these be situated sufficiently near the surface of the lung, fine,
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Present illness : Sixteen years ago (aged 35) gradual onset of failure
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inanoand phthisis puimonalis. Atlanta M. & S.J. ,18^7-8,
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explain the greater tendency to rachitis in children
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Substantial advance was made in the industry in 1908, when
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of Brussels, which makes most interesting reading. It
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genital disturbances in the central organ of the circulation, of a more
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diarrhoea, which lasted for several months, and then gradually
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persistent character, not being relieved by salines, but
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bedside alleviate her malady or assuage her suffering,
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part. The increased activity in the circulation brings an
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served by the bystanders. In case this plea be made in stay of
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Artesian wells, but present in all surface waters and the water of shallow
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in the twenty-four hours was ample, and Uie amount of
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the work that it would be eminently just and proper
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presentation of a dead child. A towel wet with chloroform was put
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has been found so under a Commission, or a verdict to this effect has been
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professions present, by remarking that it has been said that
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florescence of malignant energy. The first sensation
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astringent or irritating solutions or substances into the
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handling his patient, and again before eating. For the protection of
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which were published of the results of treatment, for similar
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grouped the cases all together, and gave the results cii masse at the end of
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limbs, which appeared purple. This yielded to Hamamelis,
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of peritoneal tissue which I have observed is present in this case.
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on and the other not, a permanent or prolonged arrest of downward
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regards the systemic effects, the action of chloral is very much the same when
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if defects exist they are only minor in character ; and in any event, at
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iodide of potassium and mercury they had cleared up. If it could be managed,
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lifting a heavy weight last September he twisted the right
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dermatoueuroses from a clinical point of view, I have studied with the
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venesection at the moment, and the other remedies were cold affusions,
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sclerotic and gummatous meningitis, arterial lesions, gumma ta, and cerebral
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liallucinations. (British Medical Journal, Nov. 16, 1878,)
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and, we may add, of the mind — from an attentive study of
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