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unimproved. He still had attacks of dyspnea and cough, with profuse expec-

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composition or microscopical characters. Sly own observa-

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to the faradaic current. Its effects were mainly mechanical, and

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Entered at the Postoffiee at I.ouisviHe, Ky., as Second-Class Matter.

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ones, and are cited merely to illustrate the Tonic Comp, was continued for eight

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Atkinson ; Dr. Mubchison ; Dr. Macpherson ; Dr. B. W. Richardson ;

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All communications for the Journal, books for review, and exchanges, sbouic 04

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at the door. No ism ov pathy was admitted. Something more

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in a case of cerebellar hemiatrophy, discovered an anomalous bundle of

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of cold storage. The accommodation is sufficient to provide for the

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than many cases treated by digital compression, had,

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reduced to a minimum. Wolff, in his numerous experiments, used

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that puts him clearly on a level with the best writers on this

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Pediatric Pharmacology Conference , fifth Wednesday, 12:00 noon, Second Floor Classroom

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believes that a toxic nephritis is produced as the re-

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also cheap dinner sherries and palatable port wines ? If the

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Reproduction by transverse binary fission is almost universal. In

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1 Published in the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal,

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isted at the shoulder was due to movement of the scapula, the

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cal instrument maker in London, at the suggestion of Mr*

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used as a substitute for the morphia habit. The condition of affairs in

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defray losses and expenses, commission arrangements,

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the vagina the animal carefully refrains from this action. This

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continued until the burthen be expelled. They speak of the

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well-to-do, and they must be sufficiently strong to take the journey.

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Many others were of the same opinion. I advised him to have it cut

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I could give many instances in which the justification of an

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conduct on the part of licensed and registered physicians. The

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On the 16th instant his family noted that his skin was red. When

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fluid divided into twelve equal parts. Four of these samples were

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change from the healthy condition of the secretions is almost always,

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are met with, these either being due to slight infection or appearing as

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year, called upon the Houses of Parliament to take the subject

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tubercles are found, but who have tubercle elsewhere,

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