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cially the frequent occurrence of embolism, should excite the suspi-
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Table No. 9 shows positive association in 318 cases, with a possible
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sant: Aletris farinosa, Pulsatilla pratensis, Scrophularia nodosa and
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sclerotic above the cornea comes into view. When von Graefe's
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were no notable symptoms except a sensation of " pins and needles" in
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conveniently be termed the oxydase mononuclear of normal blood.
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black or brown-black hair, and thirty-two with dark brown ; thirty-four
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The vesicles on the surface were shown to be connected with the
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right hand, probably because of the defect in the other deep sensibilities.
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probably in certain cases with no change in the seat of impulse initia-
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ment, and of the coronary arteries."' It is very probable that the
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Regarding the venous pulse, Biegel finds from his examination of
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be formed in the pelvic or uterine veins in inflammatory diseases
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lived in North Carolina, and his family is still there and are not known to have
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