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the cranium, in its bones, membranes, and in its contents seve-

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Assistant Visiting Physician, Broad Street Hospital.

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taketh away the bread of the poor, and of him who enslaveth the people in political

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and may, then the practice; but I will warn him that his road of

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woman, if she resolve to keep it to herself, and to avoid temptation. But if she

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d, and 85, in which the ri^Al side was affected, both sides had been

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desugarization is there any inherent quality in drastic under-

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In 1 Timothy v. I I. we read — " I will, therefore, that the younger women marry.

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them have consumption and inflammations of the lungs and throat produced by it, and

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M. Bouget has himself shown, when muscle is examined bv

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tient came to the doctor. Unfortunately, in insidious diseases

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the particular branch of medical literature on which it treats*

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features of the patient's physiology that we must make our

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The Significance of Indications of Poor Function in the

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think of ordering firom a work of this description. Again, if

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length of time — from 10 to 12 hours daily at least, and in the season of balls or

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crew of the * Conqueror,* is not improbable, but it would not appear

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cent, it gives an incorrect idea of the color-index. For this reason throughout

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known to be present without renal disease. And, first, there

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vation was thirty-four, including relapses. In almost all, sulphur

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the heart enlarged both to right and left (duck shaped) and the

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almost suppressed. Death ensued after increasing collapse and

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for the sake of giving them space for repentance, I would plead for the cure of

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solution of common salt : in the former case the fibre swelling,

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Dissections of lungs hare shown that sometimes the tuberculous deposits have

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Only after repeated stimuH have been received and the position

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W. OaLB, M.D., F.R.C.P., Physician and Lecturer on Pathology, St.

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In 1922 there was another attack of mild influenza and sub-

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