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influence, physically considered, and the ordinary force of matter — a relation

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By denying a person admission into the county society, one

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less frequently on the cheeks, forehead, ears, eyelids. A tension, burn*

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Messrs. Muntz, Whitwell, and Dixon, proposes to inflict a

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sonable expectation of earnings, which, in fact, is the

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activity, are not characterized by features so striking, as to be

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should be met with under any conditions tending to affect the

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hospitals during the South African war, and on the Royal

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toms easier, but the aversion to all medicine, and even to wine, wag

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becoming negatively electric ; or to its being such as to cause an

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they generally remain undetected till after death;" *

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interesting cases in which a rheumatic condition evidently

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Burton, C. N., Asheville; Univ. of Cincinnati, 1936 1938

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In 1908 he started the practice of his profession in Derby,

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Apr. 26. Tonsils flat; pale, smooth, clean surface; edges of crypts round and

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water, and hanging them up in the room, and adding a quarter part of

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neys, unfavorable surroundings and disturbances of the nervous sys-

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poison ; " to the former Billroth gives provisionally the name

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moved. Both cartilage and bone entered into its composi-

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cause the various movements of the body, as in walking and all

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Scientific Apparatus for Investigating Foods. — A pho-

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reaction — the one found early in the local lesion, which is very thermol-

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be used with extra-ordinary care, and in to be recognized in connection with other

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without taking a single dose, and others with not more

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cow's milk is difficult to obtain in its freshness and purity,

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diminishing doses of quinine, and of iron and tincture of

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