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the phagedenic processes of molecular decay commonly recognized as

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nit.scb. gaz. Botkiua, St. Petersb.. 1898, vii, 1340; 1427.—

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Chester White. — Belly narrow, pinched, sagging, or flabby; flank thin, tucked

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ence of orders. Inspecting officers are requested to

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and irregular varieties — Remittent Fewr — Malarial cachexia — The spleen,

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ferent localities and climates ; and the umnbers from

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sota have been accredited for outstanding records in

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indistinguishable from it ; usually, however, it differs in two particulars —

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ment for the issue of the medicines ordered. Tbisbuildino-

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Of deaths, 8,541 were recorded— 4,286 males, 4,113 females, and 142

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such ease to the patient that one is fully justified in

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lobe. Later, as we know more especially from obser-

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standard^ and thirst ceases, and the skin grows cool. Such an asser-

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white pepper. Contains a crystallizable substance, piperin, a

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Repr.from: Cone, jnternat. period, d. sc. m6d. C.-r.

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would get worse ; neither should he wait to use it until the patient was

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and visit ! Wait a few years, and we shall see who will dare

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tion, than when descended out into their ordinary situation."

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