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racks, rubbing posts, &c, with corrosive sublimate solu-
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ous consequences and fatal effects^ of giving them as medicine. To re
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With the incompleteness in the chain of evidence, this case,
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capillaries. This is the purely mechanical effect of massage.
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crust of bread be used with safety? The author insists
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examples of which are from time to time on exhibition as "elastic skinned
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and there was not the slightest flow of either blood or
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sume tobacco, tea, or coffee, or the inhabitants of France and Italy consume
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■published ■views on the subiect, he has adopted very similar
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assistant, or by the patient's other hand. It is left in situ,
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tients in a moribund condition was nnadvisable. No good
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was the youngest child and the only boy. He and his
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on Monday the closing session will be held in the Uni-
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entirely different in cases of undue influence affect-
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somewhat modified now, in vicAV of the results of modern treatment.
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Huxley's opponents, can there be unity of substance if the
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have shown redness, &c. in the intestines, and that these prove
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gans of generation, and which returned, at periodical limes, till
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Cases of artificially induced Labour, on account of excessive Vomiting.
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chronic rheumatism — has been used as a generic term for persistent
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mated, gastroanastomosis should be done. In all other cases
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the Fallopian tubes. This we have done in about fifty cases, and no

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