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spond very closely with an ordinary ganglion cell, except in their size,

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same disease, caught whilst he was endeavouring to save his

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globe has normal tension, it bears pressure without exhibiting pain. There is

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the tissues intervening between the sternum and the trachea

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General's and the local health and mortality reports. I shall

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and experience that offensive trade effluvia are injurious to

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and the mark actually gained is above. This shows that the

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ing three or four pints daily, the object being to reduce flesh or to


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pushes the drug to toxic doses ; 15 to 18 drops were administered

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blood, the current is slowed) and by the absence of marked cardiac dilatation; while

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3. — The results obtained by a number of observers in the

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angina. It has been feared that one would have difficulty in inter-

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given us sufficiently definite knowledge regarding the variety

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Dr. Burton Chance read a paper treating somewhat in detail

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The metastasis to the 1 heart does not however, require such heroic vene-

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differentiation. Cholera morbus, a substantive affection, may be con-

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The patient was able to sleep but little on account of the pain in the back,

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whole, wherever and however it is struck ; but this

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the most systematic person imaginable. In his library you will

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either the formation or the appreciation of superior macular images, but

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then advanced about half an inch and secured by a turn of

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the leo; is now held steady the edges of the wound in the skin are

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two cubic centimeter portions (5 to 20 mg.) were injected by

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as a local application to boils and carbuncles, insect stings and

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It must be true that many cases of individual resistance to the effects

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previa, $25; laparotomy, $100; adenoids, $25; cataract, $100.

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