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the profession on the substantial advance it Dr. C. D. Jones, Hillsboro.

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A reference to the histories shows the ex- Dr. Kelly in the Johns Hopkins Hospital

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ward movements are more frequent and irregular; jaws are

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disease, will almost surely succumb. Pneu- tartar emetic and digitalis have all three

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I made use of a simple galvanie current, produced by a Cruik-

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according to the amount of protection it has. In a drop of a bouillon

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When the furious symptoms appear, the dog leaves his

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appetite ; but anything like a highly tannic wine will rather

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antiphlogistic is, that mercury checks inflammation ; hence

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kidney palpable, small. Right ureter thick- fistula. Patient placed in tub on constant

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transverse striae and changes in the nuclei. The liver may

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safe in the treatment of pneumonia, if continued for any great

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laxative principles from senna, made pleasant to the taste and

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over the abdominal surface, increased in calibre in ovarian tumors,

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April 5th. — Cough rather worse again, with hooping.

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sisting for some time, the instrument, all of a sudden, passed on,

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have superficial scabs. The intestinal mucous membrane is

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rapid course and terminating fatally. The lesions consist

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of blood from the head. I am satisfied that the compression of

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liberation of hydrochloric acid gas, in sulphuric acid. Neither

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"Pachydermatocele" illustrated by Cases. By Yalentine Mott,

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PatientAway from Home, '"""' ■'<»«'"'• ries of Year-Books, by

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I come now to mention the manner of applying this remedy.

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them. Now, sudden and violent changes, and extremes of atmos-

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& Co., 1903. Cloth, $3.50 net. Therapeutics is carefully reviewed in its

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the meatus urinarius externus to the arch of the pubis, and it

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It contains besides the nutritive elements of beef, gluten of wheat and

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The cause of death is tetanus. Mould rich in horse manure

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induces a strongly alkaline condition of the urine, causes it to effer-

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and intermissions, with a general or localized eruption of the

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proved serviceable. Amongst these cases are five of necrosis of

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from its effects during the years from 171 1 to 1714. Ramaz-

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seemed quite significant. In the first place, digestion; then nonassimilation, and event-

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Delphia, (colored woman,) belonging to Dr. Robert Howard, of

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Note on the Relations of Muscular Exercise to Urea and Food. By

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