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teaching in medicine had already begun in this country. Every-
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there was a single attack only of hemorrhage; in the remaining nine, hemor-
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ent, a network of nou-projecting scars is seen everywhere on the
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for the diagnosis in each case. As shown in Table 1, which gives
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this excess of action ? Can he liinit, or, if he can,
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minutes he became quite comatose, having lost all power of sense and
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will be held on Friday evening next, 10th inst., at the
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dered. In the present case, the idea of pregnancy plainly re-
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due to puncture of enlarged vessels in the wall. When the cyst is infected,
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The American Association for the Cuke op Inebriates will hold its seventh
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Fibromyomata are always described as being poor in blood-vessels,
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hurtful winds which prevail. It should be well supplied with good
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In the beginning the massage should be used gently, and for a
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tion will convince one, however, that the above elastic
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regard this disease. According to the characteristics of the pustules,
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sided hemiplegia. It may be manifested by paraphemia,
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it was previously thought impossible, after simply amputating the upper extrem-
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nutritious, by the addition of thin mucilaginous or farinaceous infu-
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nmst have failed to produce more severe effects in consequence
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As a result of my experience with guaiacol, I have 'arrived at the
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" bronchitis," yet there is great danger that the function
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creature and retains its duality to its dying day, and transmits it to
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which formed its nucleus ; there were some adhesions.
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Two-thirds of the cases were of bilateral involvement. In one-third
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punctures were made into the liver, pus being found
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lege Hospital, both of which positions he has filled with distinc-
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of the leg. The swelling, which had existed for fourteen
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good citizen to compel him, as a matter of conscience and duty, to bring
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exerted, there can be no doubt as to the necessity for an operation to
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self, got scarcely any foals that retained their sight. Astl>
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Seibert's conclusion, coachmen, letter-carriers, and truck-drivers
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Symptoms : Usually the lady, from a calm or excited condition, but
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titioner, generoiis and kindly, and a bitter enemy to quackism and
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or hot bath will always relieve fatigue, or muscular or nervous
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also ; and which is recorded in the books, and has now become the com-
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