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and walking also lose their certainty of action; the gait becomes swaying

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litis the whole cross section of the cord is more or less involved, the paralysis

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insanity the patient passes directly and suddenly from an attack of mania

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Spiller has found extensive degenerative changes in the nerve cells of the

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of classification, and of the Linnsean and De Candolle's systems. The

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certain mild, circumscribed cases, which do not come to suppuration, but these

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Archibald Bilhng, M.D. Oxon., c. 1823. Cor. 1852. 55, 50, 57.

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gf%«i f>art of tht plwt, trndor ^ tirtlng of tht sunsii1nt*s ^mrsy, cmbitm water (as

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differentiated in their initial stage; but when further developed they cannot

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usually a " rheumatic, dragging pain " in the loins and extremities, especially

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The disease begins gradually and almost always without a special exciting

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Treatment. — The general treatment is the same as that of severe anaemia,

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notified, and the diploma is handed to him by the Dean.

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In all four classes of delusion — the persecutory, the religious, the erotic,

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position of the tumor. But, in addition to these focal symptoms, there are

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dativum multiforme, which not very infrequently exhibits some tendency to

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C. 1839, 40. 43. 40. Cor. 1838. 42, 43, 44. 40, 47, 48. 59, 53, 54.

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operation, the nature of which shall be determined haphazard, from a catalogue

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the details of which cannot be discussed here, probably

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tem; electricity should be given, either in the form of general faradization,

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acter, while in the milder forms of later years the above-mentioned exogenous

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