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the amount of "irritation " '' set up'' in the brain^ or shall we
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as it must be unpleasant for such parties to be handling tbod, while, peri
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during pregnancy^ was greatly frightened ; the alarm induced chorea
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either the life of his patient or for his own reputation, unless there be a good nurse
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fewer days^ and by inquiries among friends^ in all cases where
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Table I. The patient was advised to take precautions to avoid
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which he has to drag about with him. When the disease affects
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ra miscarrying womb and dry breasts" — her "glory Hies away like a bird,
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of the pleasures God has bestowed upon you for your happiness. But if you have
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mouth. The saliva of the mouth is the only natural substance for mixing the food
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tarsal conjunctiva forms a strip 0'124i^0'166 mm. broad, which at its
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ed into old age. The human system differs from the mechanisms of man in this re-
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The degree of undernutrition required to control this condition
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tnrbing character, and in this it has some analogies to strych-
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right eye in converging forward. There was no nystagmus
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a place between the fibrous tumour and the myoma, and be
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From these, and from many other facts which have been presented in other parts
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exhibit the severest fonn of the disease, but even here excep-
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tected in their labor, and encouraged to preserve their purity, virtuo, and loveliness
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Mydrin (mid'rin). A proprietary mydriatic composed of one part of
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with the transmission of nerve power, the more especially as strych-
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an occasion for much discussion, and Dr. Duncan, repub-
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Bemutz is in favour of an artificial opening, as also in the more
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quantities not exceeding the -^V^^ ^^ ^ grain ; for, as a rule, the smaller
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healthy people in the form of insensible perspiration are comparatively fresh and
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I may add to the above, that the clothing of the nursing mother should be agreea-
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which the waters were sweetened that the hosts of Israel might drink thereof. Ex. xv.
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ducing body^ and that the pigmentary matter which darkened
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"■'" , "'' 1 - 1:,il ,1 "' number very greatly exceeds those made insane in the same vrey;
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chiectasis, the remains of chronic tubercular cavities or abscesses in
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already in type, and when it was impossible to arrange for a
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The humid asthma is a disorder of the mucous glands of the lungs ; the discharge
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pronounced, until it produces a kind of ensellure or lumbar lordosis.
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principles upon which it is based. Many pursuits are dignified by being called arts
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occurrence of spasmodic, cramp-like pains in the abdomen.
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. ing noise recalls to mind a remarkable case of chorea related by
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tal disturbances) she presented the appearance of the most acute
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