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The meat-inspection force of the city of Chicago is composed of six men, two of whom

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with seasonal influences such as temperature, rainfall

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disease, is a disease process caused by generalized

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pnrsistontlv olL-itcl, tl,o first si-.m of fati^M.o is an irro-.'ular <Whno in

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developed slowly and grew feebly for a number of transfers. On

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small abscesses and early organization. Over large areas connective-tissue

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ing treatment by external skeletal fixation. It is of

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the salivary 'jl.ind \ hen il is excited tn ;iel i\ tiv. prneeeded tn InvestiLMt'

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P. S. — Tanks are cooked at a pressure of 40 pounds.

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spasm of the Lower Extremities, Surgery 15:402, 1944.

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llM- ..as.-, f..r Sli.Trin._'t..n luis sIi-.xmi that Ili.> .••■nt.Ts n...st .lir.^.-tly .-nn-

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Reading of Minutes of Previous Meeting. (Published in July 1947 Journal.)

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above the other on racks. The rooms and the glass plates were clean and sanitary. So

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producer and consumer that which would be entirely lost without it, and at the same

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out; thus, in each of the centers lor the u|>per and lower extremities,

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and Warwick counties to the James River; thence southeasterly along the course of

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sidiary findings ); it cannot be completed until all the evidence is at

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here reported differ from those of Engel and Aschoff primarily because

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at least, by splenectomy. It would appear just as irrational to allow a

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The lines of work already under way should be continued and sev-

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Personal cleanliness should be had, using the mild-

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The Motor .\iiris ot Ihr Miischs Siirroiniiliii'i iln Si t/nn iiln! Ihirl.

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20. Stall with movable wooden floor and fastening for same 291>

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was affixed on suspicion, and the carcass is sent along as edible meat.

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I'.'iiH.v.'d iil't.'i' M p.ric.l ..r siip|...s,.,l iii.'i'i'as.'.l a.'tivitv; : •_• ■ l.y .•..lln-tin.-

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lation in areas in which positive reacting rats were

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of the tumor can be traced into the lung substance.

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of sorao special uland or a secondary jn'oduet of irlands which hn othe:

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cils. Following this inspiring talk, the Health Confer-

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gastric distress and jaundice. A diagnosis of stone in the

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tion test, in which a small animal, usually a rabbit, was used. Such

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in contact with Harry A two or three days before his brother and sisters,

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cently completed), and a revision of Bulletin No. 27, Information

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on section. At the apex of the upper lobe, several firm nodules are palpable.

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the axon redex is no lonjier |)ossililc iifter the linnliai- splnnehnics have

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The J>ody is that of a well-nourished colored male, 157 cm. in length.

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!;an<rlion, is transmitted hy the synapsis to the den

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is a mixture of proteins, one of which is undoubtedly egg albumin,

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c;i\il.\-. AllhoiiLdi IIh re is sumr daii'.icr of injuiy to iierxous tissues !•>

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