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was sent, with return prepaid. Dowie now telegraphed a
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to the amount of plastic or fibrous matter found in the
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paioiTsm, according to Wintrich^ while the forced expiratory efforts
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five grams. The remainder w r as then taken up in ether and extracted with
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was done, however, and after discontinuing the blue mass &c., I
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Waller, J., M.R.C S.E , has been appointed Resident Medical Ofiicer to
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verse destructive lesions of the cord there will invariably
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sphincter; 2, where we have rela.xation of the vaginal out-
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siderable and troublesome haemorrhage during the operation,
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bifurcation of the trachea, and this view is often more
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glands, and could even trace the growth from these structures to the
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It was not long, however, before the cars halted, and the tanks were
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scrotum, to plug up the hernial canal. Upon this prin-
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to whom he has " doubts of their fitness, on trial, for a period of two weeks."
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properties of the calabar bean. Dr. Harley had not called more attention to its
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tending to any real or apparent cause; hot and cold
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lowed by acute pain in the back part of both legs. So pains in one
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be cited in this connection. It is also produced by disease of the mitral
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summer months. Of the epidemics which have occurred in this country,
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did not suffocate, he would die later of tuberculosis due to infection of
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particularly in the lower third of the thigh and ankle,
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is usually seen in persons oidy twenty-five years of age; it was full of firm
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Medical Director Geo. Peck, ordered to ^Vashington, D. C. , as
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liver Oil, a permanent Mixture or Emulsion, iu which
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cloths. This was a purely temporary means of relief, and
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cauterisation. {Gazette Medicale, Fevrier, 1847, No.
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apparently specifically different from human small-
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and lived to witness the extensive effect of his phi-
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suspended; he developed phlegmonous inflammation and
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for ARDS. Overall, the best hope for the treatment of pa-
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oozing from the parenchyma of organs, is easily checked
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tion, which usually exist together. Antiseptics will not aid diges-
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their physicians — persons who, by education and the position they occu- .

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