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states, in his commentaries, on the authority of Plutarch, " that among

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followed by chills, which are repeated with diminish-

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incited by local irritations or injuries ; that it is symmetrical ; that it may

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was rarely given for the examination of the early changes, and that post-

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{Hitients take to the bed before and after the full development of the dis-

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having suggested the frequent administration of small doses of tur-

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22 Mar 42. sub: Trf of Approp C&RofH from a Sep

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may be superficial ulceration or diffuse infiltration with miliary tubercle.

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in the treatment of tetanus, and would certainly warrant

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creased from 24.92 to 25.41 years. The largest propor-

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Instruction in Charitable and Benevolent Institutions.

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fact, symphysiotomy, premature labor, and the forceps may

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Our author has not neglected a very important considera-

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soldiers had been blocked out in Germany ten years before the

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infected, still present. In these, as in all cases of anomaly of the lesion

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masseter muscles, as a rule do not stand any anesthetic

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test after test confirms the ingredients, formulation,

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acid. Patient wasted rapidly and died in an attack of angina pectoris.

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rescuing Alexander Selkirk, alias Robinson Crusoe, from his

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and those who have once been attacked by pneumonia should preferably

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number of the total 3-D points (1st line) and the X-Y-Z coordinates

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years of age is limited, administration of Talwin in this age group is

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the purulent ophthalmia is most frequently met nuithj the number of

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fair to the internists to claim that gastric ulcer is a purely surgical

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lytic serum can be demonstrated. In the living subject the leuko-

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Treatment. In one handsome octavo volume of 272 pages. Cloth, $2.50.

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Brfnton, Surgeon U. S. V. Surgeon-General's Office, Washington, July 1,

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arrangements are both present. Perhaps no better illustrations of

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1113. (Edit.] J. Am. M. Ass., Chicaso, 1894, xxiii, 919.—

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almost despaired of, we, at the urgent insistance of his father, resected six

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