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limbs, which died when 8 months old. At the post-mortem examination,

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the bleeding is due to a general disease, the signs of the disease are so

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and occasionally small and limited epidemics do occur in temperate

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Later on it becomes capricious, and long-continued gastric irritation leads

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The fifth nerve through its three divisions is the sensory supply to

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that 80 p.c. of the points of evidence upon which a diagnosis is based

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very ill and require the simplest form of nourishment — milk is

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Besides the local diseases to which the tongue is subject, and the

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the cafe be the fame with the horfe .? And yet jockeys

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Diabetes insipidus in man is regarded by many as due to a disturbance

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will be SIO.OO each, payable on registration. The courses run concurrently and

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liver is rare. Cirrhosis is too commonly associated with tubercle for

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The rickety spine usually takes the form of a general curve back-

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cold ; but of a reddifh or greenilli dufky colour, and

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food mufl be as hurtful to other animals as to.men.

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navy, 269. Caufe of the difference between the manner of

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should be sent, or even allowed, into a harbor like Halifax.

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be given between, and continued while the leafl yel-

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have used has been of great service to myself personally, both in the

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the pancreas, and the third patient was an old woman, who died, shortly

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The Faculty of Medicine announce that the following Special Graduate

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test is only decisive when to the naked eye it is obvious the urine con-

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he was able to guide himself, and was soon back to work. That

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ufed to return them, which is fometimes eafily done,

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are a year, or a year and a half old, the hair on their

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inductive logic which, paralleling deductive logic, introduced experi-

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As hi therefore be impossible for a candidate to take more than one course

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It is usually located over the anterior sinus wall and floor, and, although

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