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on scai'latina, will you allow me to state a few facts ?

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perkalemic, and normokalemic variants of familial paralysis,

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Chatin and Guinard would give to the kidney, by analogy with other

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' For adults one part, and for infants half a part, of opium to five and a

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comfortable than she was st 4 p.m. ; complains much of pain

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be permitted to continue in the school, is a question

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the reasons for them, thus leaving the reader cognizant

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introduction of the serum as the saddest epoch of his medical career ;

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the first stage of pneumonia ? It is very true, as already premised,

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often into cold water. Euleuburg, in his "Lehrbuch der Nerven-

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tient did well for several days, at which time he be-

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commonly gives immunity from it for life ; but this is not at all

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200 of the crew were sent. Some of these men were sick, though

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from the loom. 2 In a state of purity and chastity,

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not improbable that, at any rate in some cases, occasional bleedings may

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fications in its appearance, its texture, and its function. Especially

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cember, and his treatment on these occa- are some expressions in the commencement

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deficiency of essential ingredients of that sustenance, induces emaciation,

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volume, one would also expect morphological changes in the capillary

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Spinal Meningitis and its Clinical iSjw//cwj'. ^Changes

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to a good prognosis, while failure to rise more than a small amount,

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that he or she is also capable of resisting any undue in-

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