Cipro-ciprofloxacin Hcl

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of Doctor of Medicine from the faculty and trustees of the

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irresponsible, verbal utterances — homceopathists still stand

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Hunting Creek, Yadkio County, North Carolina, near the

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the spinal cord is that condition which has long been recognized

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demic ; and men, before they get dead drunk in them, should be

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craved. Said he, " Yes : boiled onions, the most unlikely thing

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only a belief, as we know nothing of it, except in our own

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is not apparent. The profession is left to wonder if he has

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pain ; and, since the discovery of ether, patients have been

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point of impact extend four diverging curvilinear fissures,

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the greatest living practitioner in his special field of sur-

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elapsed since this building was put up. The Board of Trustees,

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from generation to generation, becoming the eternal and exalt-

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studies. In 1859 he was graduated in medicine at the Uni-

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the State of Iowa, and the same year President of the

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Neurologist, one of the founders of the New York Neurological

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under the charter of the State of Massachusetts can well afford

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operator, and their work has been more successful by the

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system, should, in times of this epidemic, be avoided, — long and

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Mary H. Baynum, M.D., Class of '85, Boston University School of Medicine,

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lections along the spinal border of the scapula, and the

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Its inferior limit is where the preceding line intersects a vertical

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good in the necessary places the damage that the maxilla

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Treatment. — The first treatment of bullet wounds in the

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and constriction in the region of the stomach, often extending

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dence could be asked than is afforded by a thoughtful reading of

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supported by citizens imbued with a desire to extend the bless-

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SuTgcTT and Disease of Women of ihc fiist Pia-Atoercan

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(p. 693 ), "Opium is the one invaluable remedy which we can-

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Spanish. In revising and editing this the eighth edition, the

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