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aloud, and understand what he reads. His three disabilities are that he

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tissues of the knee-joint, has taken place, and there is fluctuation of

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fessor of the Theory and Practice of Surgery in the Royal

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daily. Thfee hundred and fifty-nine girls carry on special studies in music,

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more correctly, the over-distension with air of the parts surround-

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acutely felt. In refutation of the optimistic views ex-

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disease differ according as pus formation is a primary process or has

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The last twenty-five pages of the book proper are devoted to " Selec-

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Rare forms of localised paresis or paralysis of single muscles (probably of

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always over the line of sanity, always abnormal, strange,

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the operation the patient was unable to walk, the slightest

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don, Physician Extraordinary to the Queen. Dr. Sieveking traced the history

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.syphilitic ulceration on the penis. The patient, a healthy-

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A small, painful boil at the edge of the eyelid. If pricked with

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they were eminently good and encouraging. There may be somc-

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ing a muco-purulent character. Complications may arise at this point ;

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ble of cultivation, oii'ers esi)ecial advantages for study, but even with

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The paper which has been established for the defence of our cause, Many Societies are springing up in this section, and the prospects of

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molecular substance, in which were deposited numbers of red-blood-corpuscles.

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acterized by defects of voluntary coordination, and by irregular spas-

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provided. A water butt should be placed where the men can easily

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was necessary to his recovery, but that it was prevented by the

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denitis. The distress caused by the presence of food is felt about

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Japan, and that all children shall be vaccinated before they

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tion of 1 : 50) complete agglutination occur in one to two hours.

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coat, which was of a deep vermilion hue. There was dilatation and

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the present, there is at uncertain periods, often twice, sometimes thrice

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The first meeting of the House of Delegates was called to

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of all countries this complication is noted, and accompanied by ex-

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proofs of death, pursuant to a clause in the policy, pro-

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liranes is ealeulated to l>e of jjjn'al service, as it allows

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