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pus and blood were evacnated. The patient was a large man, with a
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they have been regaled both before and after their arrival.
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committee — ALAPAC. Political giving is an investment in
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true congestive spots. When the intestinal convolutions are
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that obstructed tubules may sometimes be washed out by the de-
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In j5rst or second month, mare may miscarry without observable
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children otherwise in perfect health, and it has occurred in
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blamed for such cases, as has the inhalation of pure chlorine
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the entire vertex had been covered by a disc of ver-
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less without the guiding direction of an efficient Medical
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and nose, as well as the pressure of the fingers on the throat and
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one fluid ounce of Tincture Prickly Ash berries, with a little Laudanum.
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)ors aggravates the disease. To cure the habit of dirt-eating, many
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infiltration of the soft structures around the joints, and
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has been used in obstetrics for two distinct purposes,
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continues until death. Convulsions may occur in the second, as well as
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tions are liable to occur, which add much to the gravity of the affection.
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the surface of the mixture, but not as actively as when
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ryland M.J., B;ilt., 1889, xxi, 1-3. — Siiinner (A. M.)
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the presence of strain, imbalance, requires knowledge of
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remedies from the vegetable world may be named the infusion of the
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increase on one side of the fang only, unless the opposite side
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situated that is near points where specialists can be secured,
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low, at a point about two inches lower than the articulating
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possible remnants of phagocyted bacteria, but this also is a mere
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granides, of a yellowish-white colour. According to M. Barral,
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per cent, solution initial mydriasis is produced in twenty minutes,
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regarded as "contacts." As an illustration of the difficulty referred
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cessive use of the part; may also result from injury in the young
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■or local organizations, our medical journals, or in our
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of those parts where the resistance is weakest. In addition,

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