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on the surgery and diseases of the mouth and allied structures. By

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the darkness of oriental history long before Hygeia, the daughter

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some counsel as such sincerity. But having once replied, " I

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which the patient was sitting ; the finger of the examining

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gidity is something striking. Occasionally a convulsion as the

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declares that in twenty years no cases occurred in his experi-

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— Dr. Dean W. Jennings (A. M. C, '07) of Catskill, N. Y., who recently

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character of the act, the crime would still be rape. In England

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sent it most fully ; and when it is present in its fullest degree,

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twenty-five years. Died at the Albany Hospital after an operation, Sep-

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3. Have you considered leaving the practice of medicine permanently? Yes No

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produced in the absence of the active principle, and likewise nega-

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ing room, number of borrowers and circulation. The special appropria-

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son (Hon.) ; Edward Easton, Jr., Edmund N. Huyck, Robert

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and attended with excoriation where the knot was. The man

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prolan to the anterior hypophyseal hormones. Proc. Soc. Exp. Biol. Med.,

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for examinations, and the time requirement means actual teaching exclu-

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various surgical situations. Dr. Schaffer has made a specialty of demonstrating

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and the more severe its effects. Several investigators,

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which, within his knowledge, procreative power has appeared in

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received in a purely accidental manner. An accusation of

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get a million-dollar grant, but we can guarantee that

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and called to a man kneeling, with his head at the water-level,

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M. D., instructor in surgery, Albany Medical College; Captain John F.

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congested. The bladder is invariably empty (Tidy) and some-

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the penis, and a discharge of seminal fluid, urine, and pros-

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studied, under proper conditions of quiet, is the thing. Res-

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conditions. Such well known surgeons as Dr. Ochsner, Dr. Bevan, Dr.

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which the active larvae are fitted to surmount is a narrow one, but,

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victims of lust, and hence the greater need that the law should

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leaves any cloud on the surface. Cotton down is suspended

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serum-albumin, and the results of some preliminary experiments suggest

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