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I ask any physician, of any school, if he can, in fifty per cent of


Ph>-sician in The Sloane Maternity Hospital, New York City.

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as far as convenient, the development of those cases of blood-

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the severe secondary anaemias correspond altogether with those of progressive

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When the Medical Reserve Corps was constituted he was naturally one

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gynaecological clinic in which the work is conducted by

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* Delorme, "On Wounds in War: Advice to Surgeons." Paper

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Medical Society, of which he was at one time the president; the

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summer of 1869, and returned to New York in the fall.

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patient to extort a paltry fee, are little better than impostors.

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ipse dixit of a tyro in gynecological practice, we could smile

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about the propriety of giving water in this disease, some claim-

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* * April 4, 1804, son of John Bulkley, ship captain and trader.

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" Ankle-joint Disease in Children" (International Med. Mag., Phila., 1892,

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cular bulb, subjacent to the line of the growing cartilage,

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ancient and honorable Colonial family in this country, his ancestors

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charcoal, quick-lime, and dry earth), he calls attention to the specially prepared

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of the Skin, "Women's Medical College of the New York Infirmary,

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of the ninth generation in America of an ancient family, which

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ing to Steiner, at first cow's milk should be diluted with one-

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two fashionable physicians of the day, were posting down to Windsor to attend on

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practiced, he met with that success which is only gained

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which followed, Dr. Allen dwelt on the tendency, now so evident

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To say that a case of peritonitis always presents itself in this

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ILLIAM HADLEY SLACER,— The career of Dr. William Had-

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* * uable member of their fraternity, Dr. Simmons occupies a

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weeks. During that time there was a good deal of pain in the

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under Professor Waldeyer, and took a special course on

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distinguished for his researches and experiments on the heart 's action.

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just alike, and in treatment it is necessary to consider each

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prehensive essays on the nasal and laryngeal diseases of child-

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Too much being hoped for, disappointment comes too quickly.

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G)rjKCological Society, Vice-President of the Chicago

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says, "more than the sound of a trumpet." Other papers are on

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he accepted the position of Demonstrator of Anatomy in

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sary. He has nothing but praise for this treatment.

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they vanish when applied to the chronic forms of syphilis. Nor

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impel us to employ surgical intervention are fever, fre-

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make the most satisfactory arrangements. If a sufficient num-

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the food liquid or semi-solid (H. L. Chase, Ti'ansactions of tlie

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perforations are the most common cranial lesions resulting

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